Currently, all but one unit at 450 Julia are leased.  Below are the dates on which the leases expire. Please check these dates and peruse the photos and floor plans to see what could be best for you.

(3E is a fully-furnished apartment with all utilities, basic cable, and Wifi included. In addition to the already beautiful spaces within 450 Julia, 3E offers the ability to step directly into your new home.)

Dates of Expiring Leases:

2A     Occupied, Currently on a Month to Month Lease  (click here for 2A floor plan)

2B     Occupied, Lease ends July 14th, 2020  (click here for 2B floor plan)

3A     Occupied, Lease ends November 30th, 2020  (click here for 3A floor plan)

3B     Occupied, Lease ends April 14, 2020 (click here for 3B floor plan)

3C     Occupied, Lease ends February 14th, 2021 (click here for 3C floor plan)

3D     Occupied, Currently on a Month to Month Lease  (click here for 3D floor plan)

3E     Occupied, Lease ends July 31st, 2020 (click here for 3E floor plan)

3F     Occupied, Lease ends November 4th, 2020 (click here for 3F floor plan)

3G     Occupied, Lease ends June 30th, 2021  (click here for 3G floor plan)